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OCTOBER Heidelberg Project asks for public's help to stop break-ins

OCTOBER At the Heidelberg Project’s New Gallery, an Artist Grows Paper Facsimiles of Wilderness

OCTOBER Detroit artist creates hope through imagination

OCTOBER Make It Greater: The Heidelberg Project's 30-year legacy

OCTOBER 2+2=8, and other things I’ve learned on Heidelberg Street

SEPTEMBER Heidelberg Project founder details installation's roots

SEPTEMBER Program aims to connect University students with Heidelberg Project

AUGUST Detroit's Heidelberg Project hosts elusive 'Diner en Blanc' drawing hundreds of guests

AUGUST 10 Things to Do in Detroit

JULY The Art of Tyree Guyton: A Thirty Year Journey

JULY Paolo Pedini remixes the past in Heidelberg Project gallery

JULY Crypton CEO, Editor of Interior Design Visit Detroit's Heidelberg Project

JUNE Review: Daniel Cicchelli’s 'Inside Out' exhibit at the Heidelberg Project

JUNE Detroit's infamous 'Grandma Techno' to exhibit photography

MARCH Detroit resident finally feels at home next to wacky public art project

FEBRUARY Michigan Radio: Listen to artist Tyree Guyton explain his hopes for the future of the Heidelberg Project

FEBRUARY Guyton’s new reality: ‘Heidelberg rises from the ashes’

FEBRUARY Heidelberg founder talks arson, rising from ashes

FEBRUARY 2 Heidelberg fires, all a mystery


OCTOBER Are These 11 American Art Landscapes Worth Saving?

OCTOBER Frick Garden and Watts Towers Listed Among Most Endangered US Art Landscapes

OCTOBER Some art in Detroit and Toledo listed among nation's most endangered

OCTOBER 11 Land-Based Artworks That Are In Danger Of Going Extinct

OCTOBER Will You Save the World's 11 Most Endangered Landscape Artworks?

JUNE 30 5 free things for visitors to do in Detroit

JUNE 27 Tyree Guyton- The Heidelberg Project- Detroit

JUNE 26 5 free things for visitors to do in Detroit

JUNE 26 5 free things for visitors to do in Detroit

JUNE The 25 Most Amazing Community Arts Projects

JUNE 25 Heidelberg Project outdoor art installations in Detroit completes security, surveillance system

JUNE 25 Heidelberg Project aims to deflect criminals with new security measures

JUNE 25 New security installed at Heidelberg Project

JUNE 24 Tyree Guyton has coined a new word: Heidelbergology

JUNE 24 Detroit Heidelberg Project installs solar-powered security system in wake of 9 arson fires

JUNE 15 Suspected arsonist beaten unconscious near Heidelberg Project in Detroit

JUNE 10 The Heidelberg Project

JUNE 7 Heidelberg

JUNE 6 New work rises from ashes of burned houses at Heidelberg Project

JUNE 4 Madonna’s mystery visit to Detroit

JUNE 3 Architects will honor Detroit’s Tyree Guyton

MAY 18 Detroit’s Heidelberg Project experiences spring rebirth after arsons; view photos of progress

MAY 14 Heidelberg Project wins grants

APRIL 27 Heidelberg Project

APRIL 23 Charred Heidelberg Project Still Has Plenty of Impact

APRIL 15 Canvas Detroit’ delves into Motor City street art scene

APRIL 14 a Pocket of Hope in Detroit, the Heidelberg Project

APRIL 12 Fires in Detroit Destroy an Artist’s Canvas:Vacant Houses

APRIL 9 Best Unsolved, Unnerving Mystery: The Heidelberg Project fires and who’s behind them

APRIL 3 Fires in Detroit Destroy an Artist’s Camvas: Vacant Houses

APRIL 3 Homes as Art, Destroyed in Detroit

MARCH 29 Conscious Urbanism: The Heidelberg Project by Brendan Crain

MARCH 24 In Wake of fires, Heidelberg Project rethinks goals. Halts capital campaign

MARCH 24 Detroit gets creative as it attempts to rebuild housing

MARCH 19 The Unauthorized Transformation of the Heidelberg Project

MARCH 19 Investigation: What the Heidelberg Project doesn’t want you to know

MARCH 18 Rebuilding Detroit, One House at a Time

MARCH 15 Heidelberg Project cleanup after latest suspicious fire

MARCH 13 Vigil held for the Heidelberg Project at arson site

MARCH 13 Heidelberg Project candlelight vigil in Detroit ‘You can’t burn a vision

MARCH 11 Arson Destroys Another Detroit Home

MARCH 9 Fire destroys another Heidelberg house

MARCH 8 Heidelberg House Fire: Detroit Art House Burns to the ground

MARCH 8 Suspected Arsonist Hits Heidelberg Project Again, Party Animal House Burns to Ground


FEBRUARY 28 Detroit’s Heidelberg Project: Empowering Communities through Recycled Art

FEBRUARY 25 Great American city: Detroit

FEBRUARY 24 ArtsCorps Detroit & The Heidelberg Project: Our Community Partners Series, 6

FEBRUARY 7 The Heidelberg Project: Rebuilding Detroit Hearts and Minds


AUGUST 20 NPR, Dames Gone Wild in Burlington, Vt.

AUGUST 18 Spit on the Street, Falling in Love with Detroit (this is not a joke).

AUGUST 17 Hip Geo, The Heidelberg Project - Detroit, MI

AUGUST 16 MLive, Heidelberg Project resident: I used to call it junk, now I travel without leaving my front porch

AUGUST 15 Automation Alley, Walsh College Professor to join Heidelberg Project Creator for Legal Discussion in Switzerland

AUGUST 12 Rob Hammond Actor, "Detroit's Got Talent" - The Heidelberg Project 9th Biennial Summer Festival

AUGUST 1 Detroit Free Press, Detroit's Got Talent festival draws crowds to Heidelberg Project

AUGUST 3 Rookie Mag, Street of Dreams - A visit to Detroit's Heidelberg Project

JULY 30 Day and Age, Virtual Travel: The Heidelberg Project - Detroit, Michigan

JULY 30 Fox News, Top US revival cities worth visiting

JULY 27 Global Site Plans, Detroit, Michigan Heidelberg Project: A Different Image of the City

JULY 25 PBS Newshour, Where Detroit Industry has Floundered, World-Class Art Scene Flourishes

JULY13 Huffpost Detroit, Keep the DIA Open

JULY 7 One Brown Crafter, Feature Friday: The Heidelberg Project

JULY 1 Detroit Free Press, Art for a Summer Day

JUNE Tooths, The Heidelberg Project in Detroit

JUNE 21 Detroit News, Taste of Riverside Artwork to Come

JUNE 20 Detroit 20/20, Summer Solstice at the Heidelberg Project

JUNE 19 Model D, Foster the People and Detroiters volunteer at Heidelberg Project

JUNE 13-19 Yesweekly, Art rises from the Ruins in Detroit

JUNE 14 CNN, Detroit vs. Philadelphia: Explore Detroit Beyond the Headlines

JUNE 8 Huffpost Detroit, Association of Alternative Newsmedia Conference Explores Detroit

JUNE 7 NoviPatch, Heidelberg

MAY 35 Projects, Highlight: The Heidelberg Project in Detroit, MI

MAY 24 Nick Arvin's Sporadic Blog, Heidelberg Project Photos 1998

MAY 22 Shermans Travel Blog, Top Ten Things To Do In Detroit

MAY 6 The Best Me; Creative & Healthy, Paint the World

MARCH/APRIL National Geographic Traveler, Rise and Shine Detroit

APRIL 26 Detroit Free Press, Guest Commentary: The power of art can transfrom Detroit's empty acres

APRIL 19 Architect Magazine, Detroit's Comeback: A Realistic Possibility?

APRIL 16, Detroit has more to offer than one might think

MARCH/APRIL Scrap, Scrap Art in the Hood

FEBRUARY 25 NY Daily News, Great American City: Detroit

JANUARY America Journal (Berlin), The Lord of the Dots (Der Herr der DER PUNKTE)