Heidelberg Project Lectures

Photo: Joshua Kristal

The Dynammic Duo: Tyree Guyton, founder of the Heidelberg Project, & Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield

Together they present information on Guyton’s burgeoning career as an artist and take you on an in-depth journey into the history of the critically acclaimed Heidelberg Project, a community art environment. Guyton and Whitfield present information useful to the artists, communities, arts organizations, teachers, and philanthropists seeking to support the arts.

Lecture topics include:

Guyton’s career as an installation/environmental artist
Guyton and Whitfield as international art activists
The Heidelberg Project and the controversy
Community Development– taking it to the streets
“Poor, Starving Artists?”

Additionally, they will present “Come Unto Me, The Faces of Tyree Guyton,” an Emmy-Award winning documentary chronicling a 13 year history of the Heidelberg Project.
Length of Time: 2 hours (main lecture), 1.5 hours (supplement lecture)

Fee: $1,500 main, $500 supplement (Michigan) $3,000 main, $500 supplement (US & International (note: Travel/Lodging/Per Diem not included) Additional Info: Please contact for special arrangements.

For more information on Lectures, Workshops, and Installations, please contact us at (313) 974-6894 or send an e-mail to information@heidelberg.org.

What people are saying...

“I’ve never seen a program so highly attended or enthusiastically received as the one you presented to us. I know from comments made by students in the days following the presentation that seeing your work had a profound impact on all who were in attendance (particularly the students) and that they are continuing to reflect and think about what they learned in meaningful ways.” -Alice Bermeister, PhD Assistant Professor, Dept. of Art and Design, Winthrop University

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on “Heidelberg at Harvard”...you got people talking and thinking. That provocation alone made the project a great success. You communicated especially well with the students. I will remember the film screening and discussion we had as one of the great moments of my time at Harvard.” -John Beardsley Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Harvard University

“During their presentations, Mr. Guyton and Ms. Whitfield reiterated the roll that the arts can play in a democracy...Mr. Tyree Guyton and Ms. Jenenne Whitifield were outstanding representatives of the United States and are a tribute to the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit.” -United States Ambassador Gwen C. Clare, Quito, Ecuador