Vision for the Future: Heidelberg 3.0 

Like the original sign on Heidelberg Street said, The Heidelberg Project is saying, seeing, and feeling all things. The Heidelberg Project has truly been all things; demolished twice, on trial all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court, and set on fire. It’s interesting to realize how powerful art can really be. Still, this Project has brought hope to my community. Now, after 30 fantastic years, it’s time to bring closure to this phase of the Heidelberg Project. 

What I see now is space. The timing is right to create this new concept of subtracting the art to create new space. The Heidelberg Project will become this very special green place to help folks to think and reflect on what it has been for the community, the city, and the world. This is my next project, a new work that I call, “A New Time.”

The old will become new again, all in time. I’m not giving up but the time has come for something new to happen with the Heidelberg Project. I do not know what will follow but I am taking the Albert Einstein quote to heart, going beyond logic and letting the imagination take the Project to another extreme, a place with no art. What would that look like? I invite each of you to take this new journey with me. 
— Tyree Guyton

The time has come to transform the HP with a new and fresh vision called Heidelberg 3.0. 

Just as the city of Detroit is changing, the narrative and landscape of the Heidelberg Project is evolving. How can the HP remain relevant in an ever changing society? How can we secure the legacy of the Heidelberg Project for future generations? These are just a few questions we are asking as we gear up for the next evolution of the Heidelberg Project.  The next year will be a transitional phase for us, as our vision for Heidelberg 3.0 takes shape. During this time we will focus our work in the development of three tracks, which are outlined below: 


Thirty Months of Heidelberg

Join us as we celebrate our past, present and future through Thirty Months of HP, a series of special programming in conjunction 30-year anniversary of the Heidelberg Project. 

Marking one year for each month, Thirty Months of HP celebrates the 30-year journey of the HP through a series of unique experiences and events. Check out our events calendar for additional details and join us as we celebrate 30-years of art, energy and community! 

Transformation of the HP site

As the evolution of the Heidelberg Project takes place, HP founder and creative director Tyree Guyton will use a minimal approach in curating the site to maximize the open, outdoor space. 

In moving forward, we can expect to see changes at the Heidelberg Project installation site, as Tyree dismantles existing installations to make room for a new vision. This is an organic process that will take months, if not years for Guyton to complete. 



Community Cultivation

The HP is poised to transform from an arts installation driven by one man into an arts infused community that calls for the participation of many.

As the vision for Heidelberg 3.0 evolves, we will focus on the development of new and existing alliances with residents, artists, local community groups, and government municipalities, all of whom can assist in the development of an arts district in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood.