Paolo Pedini

Paolo Pedini Simulacrum


1. An image or representation of someone or something.

2. An unsatisfactory imitation or substitute.

Just last year, Paolo Pedini took the Red Bull House of Art by storm. While many were hearing his name for the first time, others recognized this Detroiter by-way-of-Saginaw as a storm long-brewing, with no signs of losing steam. Paolo Pedini’s “Simulacrum” debuts with a first Friday open house mixer outside the Number House, 3632 Heidelberg Street, from 5:30-8:30 PM with live music and libations.

Specializing in collage, painting, drawing, and digital art, Pedini’s contemporary works are peppered with images of ancient Greek and Roman creations. A graduate of Saginaw Valley State University’s B.F.A. program, Paolo continues experimenting with new collage, spray, and stencil techniques, honing his process. “Each piece starts off spontaneously by creating background colors and patterns, later adding foreground figures that are a stark contrast to previous layers.” he explains. It was these bold, contrasting images that first put Pedini on the POST-HAB shortlist. For Paolo, everything comes back to the portrait, a philosophy keenly shared by the Heidelberg Project’s Founder, Tyree Guyton, whose Faces of God series spans over 25 years of work.

Defined as “an image or representation of someone or something, or an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute, Simulacrum for Pedini means calling attention to the form and artistry of the icons often presented in his work. Simultaneously, he transports their classic familiarity into a new, hand-crafted context. “My subjects for these paintings will be products of mass reproduction, facsimiles of modern mythological figures, cultural icons, and subjects from nature.” A reproduction he is not, Paolo Pedini is bringing his own unique contrast to Heidelberg Street, the portrait of a city and a people in flux.

Paolo Pedini’s “Simulacrum” catalyzes the second season of the POST-HAB Gallery experience inside the Number House on Heidelberg Street. July’s exposure. photographer Melissa Weckler brings her Detroit-based work to the gallery with “On Scene”, a collection of photos of Detroit’s finest, the Detroit Fire Department, in action. As a special tribute, a portion of proceeds from “On Scene” will be donated to DFD.

“Simulacrum” and “On Scene” open at the POST-HAB gallery in the Number House with an open house mixer on Friday, July 3rd, from 5:30-8:30 PM and will be on display through July 25th.