Youreself presents: Pasts Presents and Futures

Yourself Presents: Pasts and Futures

Events in time are not perceived as isolated occurrences by those most affected by them. Patterns in history account for social and emotional conflicts felt by many groups but are not always felt by others. How will patterns of empathy change in the future?

Locally based collaborative Yourself seeks an answer to this question through an installation inside the POST-HAB gallery featuring collections by Yourself, including limited edition prints, paintings, drawings, wood cut-outs and found objects.

“Visually seeking to balance chaotic noise and peaceful abstraction, this work is guided by the positions of time.”, explains the artists. “Keeping in mind a diversity of perspectives, the work questions how both an individual and a whole society relates to ideas of the past, the present and the future.”

Yourself is the identity used for a series of works with a constantly changing collection of both artists and non-artists, working on projects involving collaboration, viewer consciousness and public discourse. These projects began in 2011 for a series of public mural projects in Portland, Oakland and Seattle before the project extended to Detroit in 2013. POST-HAB will be the first local gallery to feature Yourself since the collaborative moved bases to Detroit in 2014.

Defined as a “collaborative” in that there are constantly changing participants working together, Yourself offers a prism of perspectives and media. Working in such a way has brought together the diverse practices of the collaborators such as animation, bike-building, graffiti, installation, journalism, painting, performance, photography, printmaking & writing. Recurring collaborators include Alex Milan Tracey, Asker: 3 Dots the Third, Bike A.R.T., Jennifer Quartararo, Johnnie Olivan, Liena Saturn, Ray Spectrum,  and Richard Mutt.

Yourself Presents: Pasts & Futures opens at the POST-HAB gallery in the Number House with an open house mixer on Friday, August 7th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. and will be on display through August 27th. The mixer will feature live music and sponsorship by Blue Moon Brewery. The Number House is located at 3632 Heidelberg Street, Detroit, 48207.