David Bandlow

David Bandlow Transcending Origins

About the artist: 

“I find it rewarding when people wear and enjoy my pieces.” -Bandlow

My name is David Bandlow. I am a Detroiter, born and raised. Working with a multitude of different media, over the span of a lifetime, I have made art my highest form of expression. Seeking out objects/materials, and repurposing them in my work, has afforded me continuous growth, and constant rebirth, as it richly nourishes my spirit, and rekindles my passion. Creating pieces that represent something familiar, but do not clearly dictate, or even reveal their true identity, I leave the unraveling of these mysteries in the grasp of those who observe them.

Transcending Origins: 

The seed of inspiration for my work was planted in my early life from witnessing the Heidelberg Project bloom in its early incarnation. The "un-struck chord" was sounded, carrying notes of our innate ability to transcend the dictations of conditioning and society. Cultures, indeed civilizations, have been built, one upon the other, using the detritus and resources left behind by more experienced forms of existence. The hand does, the mind wills, but the heart accepts divine actions. Pure consciousness witnesses the coming and going of all forms.

The Heidelberg Project is an integral part of Detroit; a perfect representation of its soul and undying spirit, reflecting in imagery that the city's heart pumps the sustaining force of industry and creativity. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be a small part of it. --------

Learn more about David by visiting his website, or browse his jewelry and wearable sculpture in his Etsy shop, MenageDetroit!

Transcending Origins is on view at the POST-HAB gallery inside the Number House, August 1st - 23rd, 2014.