Tony Rave

Tony Rave The Purge

The Purge Exhibit

By Artist Tony Rave

The concept of “The Purge” first came to Tony as a parallel to the movie of the same title, though Tony’s version narrates a purge closer to home, and more socio-economic in nature. Exploring the power of wealth, “The Purge” not only speaks to Tony’s artistic process, but to the reality that those who possess this power are primed to profit from the city’s potential as a result. Using his iconic painted pigs, Rave will tackle the controversy of disparity in Detroit, a city on the cusp of renewal.

“It’s amusing to play with the dualities of power – examining the experience of those who have it and those who don't,” says Rave. “Why not be socially provocative? It's clear that some of us are left out and put down. ART affords us the opportunity to examine this harsh reality.” In this sense, Tony Rave’s work is an interesting conversation on the Heidelberg Project spectrum.

A native Detroiter, Tony Rave knew early on that his journey would be an artistic one. "I happen to be born the same year as the Heidelberg Project (1986) and I was born one mile south in downtown. I became familiar with art at a very early age, creating very easily and fluently at the age of five. At that point, I knew what I was going to be: an artist.”

Rave, a socially conscious creative, holds a deeply philosophical approach to his work. “It is a profound and revolutionary act to create art, even more so is to do so with no regard for the ego,” he explains. “I’m using a palette of the heart-broken and marginalized to collectively uplift all, those are the people I love.”

On view at the POST-HAB gallery inside the Number House: October 3rd - 24th, 2014