War Room House Lost to Thanksgiving Day Blaze

The Installation known as the War Room was set ablaze at approximately 5:15 am on Thanksgiving morning. Here is what we know: A man in dark clothing was spotted by KP Protective Services running from the site of the War House located at 3710 Elba. What was reported as a glow quickly ignited to a full blaze.

The Arson investigators were on the scene immediately and took a statement from KAP Protective Services. Because the area is so dark, and the man was wearing dark clothing, it was difficult to catch him in the act. The Detroit Arson Dept is working in conjunction with the US Dept of Justice, Bureau of alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Any additional questions should be directed to Special Agent Donald Dawkins at 313-202-3400.

Our only concern at this point is the safety of residents. We are working in full cooperation to doing everything we can to put an end to this madness.

Jenenne Whitfield
Executive Director