Erb Family Foundation Meets Crowd-Funders Halfway

Devastated by news of an eighth fire at the Heidelberg Project, the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation steps up to the plate to expedite security measures.

In the wake of the recent arson fires that have ravaged the Heidelberg Project community, the Erb Family Foundation is extending their donation matching grant to Art from the Ashes: Securing a Legacy, the Heidelberg Project's Indiegogo campaign aimed at financing the lofty expense of implementing security measures throughout the neighborhood. Recognizing the long delay in the crowd-funding platform's payout format, the Erb Family Foundation will not only be matching all contributions dollar for dollar, they will be matching them immediately.

Securing a Legacy expires on December 20th, with processing and payment of the funds tacking on additional time to the payout period. The Erb Family foundation match allows for implementation of bigger ticket portions of the security plan weeks ahead of schedule. Additionally, any funds raised beyond the $50,000 goal will not only offset platform fees, but will pay down the latest cost estimates for security systems and patrol, which are now nearly double what we anticipated.
“In 26 years, we’ve never had this type of problem, so all of this is completely new to us,” says Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield. The Erb Family Foundation stepping in with an immediate match of crowd-funding dollars is a development that could make all the difference for the HP. The project has lost five house installations to arson in just eight months. Find Securing a Legacy on the front page of or visit