Tyree and volunteers build tribute to the House of Soul and a fallen friend

On Saturday, September 27th, the Heidelberg Project founding artist, Tyree Guyton, and dedicated volunteers will build a tribute installation to the House of Soul, which was lost to arson fire late last year. Beginning at 9 AM, the construction of the memorial will continue until completion. 

The installation will commemorate securing the legacy, a “Rising from the Ashes”, for the Heidelberg Project. With fire clean-up at 95% completion, the organization is moving on through new creation. The installation will stand as a symbol of resiliency and belief in the power of community and art to heal heartbreak.

Constructed to resemble a house frame, this open-air art installation will be approximately the same size as the original House of Soul. The frame will be augmented with re-purposed material and remnants of Heidelberg Project homes forever lost to fire. Mixed with records and other junk-turned-art at Guyton’s hand, the structure will honor what we wash up through our tides.

The House of Soul memorial will then be replicated as part of a traveling art exhibit of Guyton’s work, procured by the University of Michigan Museum of Art in the summer of 2015. 

Architects Douglas Woodward and Pierre Robertson have aided the Heidelberg Project site development manager, Trista Dymond, and site designer, Jessica Kezlarian, with the actualization of the installation’s design. Also supporting the build through material acquisition and overall support is Chrysler engineer and Local 412 UAW Joint Activity Representative, Joe Auito. “Our Local participates in numerous community service projects and we are excited to be able to work on this Heidelberg Project Art installation,” said Auito. “Our members are dedicating their time and manpower to celebrate the memory of one of our beloved Local officers and members, Arthur Asberry.  Art would have been the first one to support this project, along with the dozens of other projects that he devoted his life to.” 

As the team builds from the ground up, the Heidelberg Project encourages friends to join in energizing this special event - for the city, for the community, and for oneself. The day will also serve as a celebration of the HP’s core volunteers, and offers the final participatory art projects of the summer. While groups at the build site decorate Heidelberg-style skate ramps, they’ll also have a live feed of the children’s version of the House of Soul reconstruction taking place as part of the Detroit Design Festival’s Youth Innovation Center!

The House of Soul site is located at 3600 Heidelberg St. Detroit, MI 48207.