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The Heidelberg Project owns 13 properties around the internationally recognized art installation including the iconic Numbers House and Polka Dot House.  Heidelberg Project Founder and artist Tyree Guyton and his team also maintain an additional 40+ lots around the Heidelberg Project, most of which are owned by the Detroit Land Bank.

The Heidelberg Project applied to purchase the properties from the Land Bank to bring the neighborhood together and create a community driven arts community centered on ART, EQUITY and DIVERSITY in Detroit.

Our application was denied twice without an explanation.

The Heidelberg Project is a Detroit institution that has taken care of a neighborhood that was forgotten by the City of Detroit and turned it into a destination that has attracted and inspired millions over 30 years.

Mayor Duggan says that every neighborhood has a future and that those who stayed in Detroit have a voice in how their neighborhoods redevelop. It is time he live up to that promise. Tell the Detroit Land Bank to connect the dots and allow the Heidelberg Project to purchase the properties they have maintained for more than 30 years.