In Memory of Betty Jean Guyton

Betty Jean Guyton

Betty Jean Guyton

A note from Tyree Guyton

Dear Heidelberg Family,

My beautiful mother, Betty Jean Guyton,  departed this life on September 25, 2017 at 9:17pm  She went home to be with Yahweh, (God).  It was her time and she is at peace.

Betty Guyton raised 10 kids on her own.  She was a fighter and a force to be reckoned with when it came to truth and honesty.  When we were kids, many times we had no lights in our home but we had candles.  Often the furniture didn’t match but she mixed in her own special way.  No matter what, she was always there.

My mother was very proud of my work with the Heidelberg Project. We would talk about many things but mostly about her faith and about how God had a special plan for me.  She encouraged me to hang in there throughout all of my challenges.   She would sit on the front porch of the polka dot house, and watch me work.   She was always talking about the Heidelberg Project with her nurses and doctors at dialysis. When I traveled, she would leave me a message on my cell phone to call her. Her message to me, “I miss you , when are you coming home, son?”

She lived her life and now she is with her spiritual family.  I inherited her fighting spirit and her love, I will never forget.  Her new home is beyond this world, where there is no more pain and suffering, and time doesn’t exist.  

P.S. I love you always, my beautiful, wonderful mother, Betty Jean Guyton.  You are the first lady of Heidelberg.    

Tyree Guyton

Services for Betty Jean Guyton will be held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 12pm (Noon)

Transformation Christian Church
89 W. Grand, Highland Park, MI

Repass will follow on Heidelberg Street

NOTE:  If you are so inclined, in lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Heidelberg Project in honor of Betty Jean Guyton.  All cards, donations and other expressions of condolences should be sent:

C/O The Heidelberg Project
1005 Parker Unit 1
Detroit 48214

Thank you!