Heidelberg founder Tyree Guyton makes waves at Miami Art Week

Guyton brought his Detroit swagger to the beaches of Miami where he blew visitors away at this year's art fair, before moving his work to the Martos Gallery in New York next fall. Vulture’s Carl Swanson caught up with Tyree to dive into what Heidelberg has evolved in to from its origins and highlighted Tyree's current exhibition with MOCAD, set to end in January of 2019.

Swanson writes:

“Tyree Guyton, famous for his whimsically apocalyptic Heidelberg Project in Detroit, has often been categorized more as an “outsider” than as an “artist,” but now he’s moving inside...Investment is pouring into Detroit right now and the question becomes whether the inclusive spirit of his project can survive this transformation.”

The piece also introduces Guyton’s relationship with Ebony Haynes, director of the Martos Gallery, who admits to being “such a fangirl for [Guyton’s] work.”

Haynes goes on to say, “People often make the mistake of calling him an outsider artist, but he is trained...It is interesting to see the work in the context of a museum.

When asked about Guyton’s work coming to Miami, Haynes explained his impact stating “...He has never shown at the Miami fairs before...I’m hoping to do something really great here in the gallery to shine light on him as the artist.”

Read what else Vulture had to say about Guyton's vision and the impact his work has made below.