Meet the philanthropists who are supporting Heidelberg 3.0


You may be surprised that the HP hasn’t received the type of philanthropic support one might deem appropriate for an organization that has made significant impacts and gained international acclaim. And despite our invisible doors remaining open for over 30 years and weathering more than our share of challenges, a relentless charge of energy and tenacity has kept us moving full steam ahead. A great part of that energy—call it Heidelberg magic—has been a serendipitous web of supporters that show up and show out in ways we can never imagine.

In this first HP Supporter Spotlight, we’d like to focus on a select number of philanthropies that have both stood the test of time and those who have taken a new step toward helping us build the next iteration of our work, Heidelberg 3.0. Among these select supporters, we are also lifting-up a new generation of philanthropists that are ceasing a critical moment in human history to find more innovative ways to serve others.