See photos from our HALA culminating event at César Chavez Academy East

As part of our Writes of Passage course, we asked students to use writing as an exploration of themselves, of the world around them and of social change. What the 5th and 6th graders from César Chavez Academy East created took our breath away.

Their 32 page zine took on social issues such as kidnapping, littering, abandoned houses, and house fires. The Editorials included advice columns (tactics for preventing fires and being kidnapped); how to's (hairstyle, preparing ramen); top-ten lists (nba stars, rappers); and Detroit spotlights (favorite arcades and restaurants).

Thank you to everyone out there supporting the Heidelberg Arts and Leadership Academy (HALA). Your contributions allow us to bring art education to Detroit's students, and help us inspire the next generation of local artists!